Welcome to the MSFC Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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NOTICE: The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is still available during times of mandatory telework. You can arrange for a time to speak with the EAP clinician by using the email or telephone information provided below.

The Employee Assistance Program is designed to help employees improve, maintain, and/or recover psychological/emotional wellbeing, and serves the workforce primarily through consultation, short-term counseling, and education. People often think that an EAP is only for those individuals who are dealing with very serious problems or situations, and while those individuals are certainly encouraged to utilize the program, it is also available to individuals who are dealing with less urgent issues, or who simply need a confidential, nonjudgmental sounding board. 

Ongoing issues at work or at home can make it difficult for an employee to maintain their usual level of quality performance on the job. One of the goals of the Employee Assistance Program is to help employees who encounter problems that interfere with job performance, conduct, or attendance to find ways to resolve those problems and/or minimize their impact on job performance. This does not, however, mean that only work issues can be addressed in sessions with the EAP, as issues in any realm of life can be the focus of discussion. 

The EAP provides assistance for both employees and their family members (spouse and dependents). Examples of issues that might lead someone to utilize the EAP include: stress, marital problems, loss and grief, anger management, relationship problems (e.g., with friends, family, co-workers, supervisor, or supervisee), alcohol or drug abuse, depression, anxiety, or just about anything else that is causing difficulty. 

EAP services can be helpful to managers and supervisors, as well. Examples of discussion topics include all those listed above, plus: identifying ways to improve the work environment, developing plans for having difficult conversations with employees, and identifying ways to support employees who are having difficulties in job performance or in their personal lives. 

EAP services are free and confidential. No insurance paperwork will be filed. There are no co-pays, or other fees. Information about your use of the program, or the problems for which you use the program, is private, and your private information can be released by the EAP only with your written consent. Be aware that email and text messages are not confidential, and should not contain sensitive personal information. 

Using the Employee Assistance Program does not require taking leave. Using the EAP is not to be held against an employee in any way, and will not jeopardize an employee’s job security or promotional opportunities. Using the EAP neither prevents nor replaces the normal disciplinary process, in situations where such processes are necessary, nor does it interfere with an employee's access to the grievance procedure. 

If you would like to work with a mental health professional, but do not wish to utilize the EAP, the EAP clinician will be happy to provide you with suggestions and contact information for clinicians in the community. 

Contact Information

EAP Coordinator:  Terry W. Sterry, Ph.D. [Aetos Systems, Inc./ASRI]

Office Location:  MSFC Building 4249, Room 126

Office Phone:  256-544-7549

Cell Phone:  256-698-9589

Email:  terry.w.sterry@nasa.gov(link sends e-mail)

NASA EAP After-hours Service (for urgent situations outside of normal business hours):  1-888-728-1404

The website https://inside.nasa.gov/health4life is another valuable resource, providing information on a wide range of topics related to health and wellbeing.

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